Where to use your professional headshot


These days with all the different social media there are so many opportunities to use your professional headshot and some places where you should definitely be thinking about your professional profile.


The first one of course is LinkedIn (click here to connect with me!). If you are looking for a new role, or on your way up the career ladder then LinkedIn is THE professional network to join. It’s so important that your LinkedIn profile photograph here shows your best image and one that people can recognise. LinkedIn has 106 million visitors per month and there are up to 6.5 million jobs advertised at any one time so it’s a great place to connect with colleagues and clients. I suggest to go for a more formal image for your LinkedIn photo.

Professional headshot photography


Do you work at a company where you need to have your image on your website? Make sure this is a professional photo and not just the image taken by the security guard on your first day! If your whole company website needs a makeover then it might be a good time to get a professional photographer in to take individual photos that are standardised across the business. I have a few clients that keep me on retainer so I can make a monthly visit to update any new images for staff joining the firm or anyone that needs an update.


If you own the company or are a small business then have a think about a business lifestyle shoot – you can see more about these shoots on my website here and some examples of how I incorporate your brand and image into the photography so you have something to use on your website and lots to use on social media too.

Personal Branding Photographer Hampshire


Does your company have a small photograph on your email now? Or do you have a gmail account where you have an image? Don’t lose out on this opportunity to connect with your network, add your headshot here too.


Do you visit or speak at conferences or networking events? Generally you are asked by the organisers to provide a headshot that they can put in their brochure. Even as a delegate people are more likely to be asked to have a photograph either for a badge or to put in the attendees workbook for the day.


Are you representing your business in the press or do you write about your industry? If so, generally a publication will ask for a headshot of you to use alongside your article. I love seeing my photos being used in the press so please do let me know if you have any press coverage so I can add it to my list! This one is the fabulous London Mummy featured in Hello!



Are you on the what’s app network? Recently a client mentioned this to me and it was something I hadn’t thought of before, as you add people to your phone contacts they automatically come up in your what’s app contact list. If your photograph you use here is something fun and crazy, or a picture of your cat and you are adding clients who are expecting you to be formal and professional this might not be appropriate. Perhaps think about having a more casual but still professional profile photo to have on here.


If you run your own business then clients might find you via Instagram which is obviously a very visual platform! Perhaps think about having your face as a part of your brand so that you are instantly recognisable. You can also get a batch of stock images to use for your Instagram over the coming months.

For my headshot sessions I always do a range of expressions, smiley to more formal and encourage my clients to do different outfits and poses so that you come away with a range of shots to suit all situations. If you work in an office you don’t really want an outdoor headshot and the same goes if you are a personal trainer then you probably want your photos taken in the gym or in your workout wear. I like to have a consultation or chat with all my headshot clients to ensure I know what they need the images for and where they will be used.

You can find my tips on how to get a great LinkedIn profile photo here (and the what not to do too!!).

Here’s a lovely review from one of my headshot clients posted on my google page recently.

Having my photo taken usually fills me with anxiety and in the past I’ve ended up with pictures I didn’t really like. Rebecca, however, is so warm and friendly that I found the whole experience easy and relaxing. The resulting photos were simply amazing and perfect for what I needed them for. You know someone is special when you love every shot. I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough.

Lesley, Motspur Park

If you are interested in a professional headshot photographer in London, New Malden, Wimbledon or Kingston or further afield then please do get in touch. You can see more about headshots on my website and reach me by phone on 07774 403952 or email me on info@rebeccachallis.com